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Woman Of The Dead

RRP $22.99

One of the most reviewed thrillers of 2015, and an international phenomenon.


How far would you go to avenge the one you love?

Blum has a secret buried deep in her past.

She thought she'd left the past behind.

But then Mark, the man she loves, dies.

His death looks like a hit-and-run. It isn't a hit-and-run. Mark has been killed by the men he was investigating. And then, suddenly, Blum rediscovers what she's capable of...

Kill Bill meets Dexter via The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Woman of the Dead is a wild ride of a thriller where the first stage of grief is revenge. And revenge is a dish best served bloody.

About the Author

Bernhard Aichner was born in 1972 and lives in Innsbruck, Austria, where he works as an author and photographer. Aichner writes novels, audio plays and stage plays and has been awarded several literature prizes and scholarships for his works.

Strength Of A Woman

RRP $16.99

Laraba is a gorgeously shaped bossy girl in her early teens, with highly developed bodily curves beyond her tender age and an ever present beautiful smile on an ugly face. Her nose is an extension of her forehead and her large ears are too visible from the front that they appear to be on her thin cheeks. She is the third child of four daughters, with a single brother rather belatedly bringing the rear of five siblings. Laraba was born on a Wednesday and unofficially named after the day she came into the world, like it is fashionable amongst Hausa speaking people. With her stunning figure and wise ways, she is always a handful. She smartly rode on the immature silliness of all her companions, who mainly fumbled around her in their naive good natured mannerisms, ever terrified of what she seemed to represent to them as a friendly bully. This tale of juvenile delinquency with a mature outlook, captures the feel of this ruse. Laraba grew into her teens as an intelligent girl and for long periods she always had her small following of friends, who look up to her in more ways than their own respective relatives consider remotely sensible. Her earliest years are littered with troublesome revelations of her huge imaginative potentials. Adults had lots of reasons to dread the mere harmless sight of her, for she is every inch the juvenile menace. Laraba's choices neither less nor more require her to concurrently free her feminine worries of their plight of emotional suppression. This is her story of overcoming this plight, represented in her case by her six year old little brother, a man like all. Men loved and partnered by women still simultaneously pour physical scorn on an age old farce of chauvinistic doctrines which have favoured tradition over common logic for too long. Too many women over centuries have merely put on a brave face that only sufficiently hinted the futility of their expressed agitations for true equality. Her travails reveal that yet again modern societies and its men remain quiet, but quite resolutely still steadfast in the sustenance of that ancient model of the gradual dominance of men over their women folk. In her sole brother, Laraba realizes the young boy isn't ever seen to be criticizing the women folk. Instead he is said to be just ever critiquing as he ages into slowly appreciating them, even as his sisters resist attempts to belittle their efforts to make him their better partner. The man forever master the woman's identity and personification of it. Laraba would not be restored to having faith in the same things that have always failed her. Like her sisters, she lost the urge to kneel and gaze into the mind of God and plead her case. It seemed rather odd to obtain some slack from the same deity that scripturally put them in their situation as eternal subordinates. As men stained the heavens and tattooed the abyss with intimate convictions, people generally get increasingly tangled up, even when they collaborate easily, ostracizing the sociopath and still emulate him. They love their spouses and yet blackmail them, scorn their beliefs and still preach them. They will befriend their dogs and still eat them. It is the ultimate reflection of the double standard methodology people apply to living their daily lives."

An Angel For Cosmetic Tattooist

RRP $263.99

This is the full colour version to assist with visual aids. An Angel for Cosmetic Tattooists contains everything you will require to enter the field of becoming a permanent makeup technician. It may also help existing Cosmetic Tattooist improve some of their skill. After 50 years of training others, Robyna has now retired. All her hand written notes have all been compiled and placed into training manuals. Robyna asked her students to assist with the book and tell her what they needed. The book was given a trial run several times to see if students could work through the book and use it as a reference and how to guide. With their input the book was revised 20 times before it was released for sale. Robyna first produced the book called "Cosmetic Tattooist Permanent Makeup Micro-pigmentation Training Manual" in 2007. Without hesitation we recommend this book, to both professional tattooist and students. You would be well advised to have this book in their collection. Robyna was proud to be chosen to sit on the committee to rewrite the Australian Standards in the Early 1990s and again in 2007 - 2010 for the Hair, Health and Beauty industry. To add to her credits Robyna has been presented with several industry awards. This book was written in 2010 and has since been revised.

Herrmann's Wizard Manual

RRP $16.99

From the introductory: FIRST WORDS ON MAGIC.
Magic naturally separates into two divisions: One, as performed by pure sleight-of-hand with ordinary objects; and the other, which depends upon apparatus or mechanical appliances; and these are called respectively Drawing-room, and Grand or Stage Magic. The former is made up of feats depending upon manual dexterity, chemical combinations, and arithmetical problems. Grand magic, likewise, consists of manual manipulation, and, in addition, mechanical appliances, and optical illusions. Cards, of course, play an important part in both branches.
We recommend the following rules to the student:
First. - Never tell your audience beforehand what you are going to do. If you do so, you at once give their vigilance the direction which it is most necessary to avoid, and increase tenfold the chances of detection.
Second. - The same trick must not be performed twice during the same evening, or before the same audience. The reason for this is apparent from the first rule, above. There are generally two ways of bringing about the same or a similar result, and in the event of your feeling constrained to respond to an encore, you must perform it in a different manner.
Third. - Vary your tricks, for this reason: If you are continually doing those depending upon the dexterity of the fingers, your audience will become accustomed to their movements; therefore, perform in succession tricks of sleigh t-of -hand, tricks with apparatus, and tricks in "white magic" so as to confuse the too inquisitive spectator, and yet retain his attention.
Fourth. - Endeavor to divert the attention of the audience as much as possible from your movements, and lead them to believe that you perform the trick by a different method to that actually employed.
Fifth. - Accustom yourself to use the eyes and the hands independently of each other; remember that the audience are observing your actions, and their attention is frequently taken from your hands, with which you wish to make a certain manipulation, to follow the directions of a glance thrown over your shoulder or elsewhere.
Sixth. - Never act the buffoon, nor pass ungentlemanly personalities; by such you only make yourself ridiculous, and gain the ill-will of some present. It will frequently happen that a magician's audience will contain some clever busybody who knows how such-and-such a trick is done, and informs his neighbors of the fact. Should such a person come under your notice during an entertainment, you can easily find an opportunity of bringing him to account, and making him the laughing-stock of the hall, without being actually rude....


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